Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Greatest Generation

Today, I met a Jewish lady that successfully escaped Nazi Germany. She had to hide under her neighbors' floors and in crawl spaces while the Nazis searched for Jews. She is still very scared of the dark from hiding--terrified--in tiny, dark places. She sleeps with a night-light every night. I'm scared of the dark too. I used to hide in tiny, dark places, hoping my cousins wouldn't find me so I could win Hide and Go Seek and not have to be "IT". How different were our childhoods? If you had to hide from Nazis to save your life, could you? If you successfully escaped, would you even be functional again?

I think I'm a weakling. I think we are all weaklings. Most of my generation knows nothing of this kind of fear. Ask your grandparents about the Great Depression or WWII. There's a reason Tom Brokaw calls them "The Greatest Generation".

I guess, like everything else, they don't make people like they used to.

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