Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Meatless Monday?

Lately I've noticed magazines suggesting Meatless Mondays because going one day a week without meat really decreases your exposure to antibiotics and hormones and all that gross stuff. Plus it's good for the environment because a pound of meat requires a huge amount of resources to produce. Anyways, I'm all over this trend because I don't really like meat much and I'm always needing new vegetarian recipes.

I wanted to do a Meatless Monday post and start posting the recipes I try. Considering it's Tuesday night, I may not be ready for that level of committment yet.

But, here's a recipe I thought of ALL by MYSELF! (Can you tell I'm proud?) It's a crazy easy recipe for one or many!

Black Bean Burritos
1 Whole Wheat Flat Out
(Flat Bread that has a lot of protein/fiber--tortillas work fine too)
Black Beans (however many you want...I make 3-4 burritos per can)
Shredded Cheese
Publix Salsa
(Publix has some AMAZING salsa they make. Homemade is great if you're an overacheiver.)

I put the tortilla on a plate and throw some beans and a sprinkle of cheese on. Then I microwave it for about 45 sec. Sprinkle some lettuce on. Then smother it in salsa.

I hope you try it and enjoy!


  1. We will forever be connected Amelia. I made a black bean salad with these SAME ingredients on Monday. WIERRDD....

  2. Weirrrd. I ate that for lunch today. I'm glad we are still on the same wave length!