Sunday, February 6, 2011

And I Hate Them

Since Christmas, I have been seeing these bugs in my house. Not tons, just often enough for you to start thinking they are gone, and then you one like 2 seconds later. I swear they know when I think they are exterminated, then come back out to mock me. These things are making me crazy.

they fly in the shower with you. and I see them in my room. and I'm tired of squishing them. and I'm afraid I might accidentally eat one in my sleep. and I don't know where they're coming from. and one time they started eating my brand new box of Kashi Shredded Wheat. and now I think they are eating my oatmeal. and I'm tired of keeping everything in Tupperware because I'm lazy. and I'm tired of having to splash water on them while I'm washing my face to stop the harassment. and one flew in my water glass the other day. and now I can only use cups with lids. AND I HATE THEM!!!!!!

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