Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Don't Eat These Cookies

I Google things obsessively. Every time I think of some little "I wonder if...." I Google it. This habit has morphed into obsession since I started grad school and online classes.

You don't even want to know the things I Google for class. You couldn't handle it. Now that the Google tool bar is oh-so-kind enough to make search suggestions based on things I've searched before, I'm forced to acknowledge the extremely weird things I have Googled.

It's bad when you simultaneously embarrass and weird yourself out. I hope my mom never uses my computer. I really don't want to explain why I have Googled "herpes" 27 times, or why I have watched 3-4 videos on draining abscesses, or YouTubed multiple "female" exams. (It's school! Really! I swear!)
Today reached a new level with an image search for "myiasis". Don't look. Really. You can't handle it. If you feel like Curious George today then Wikipedia "myiasis". But remember, curiosity killed the cat.

Personally, I'm going to purge all my internet files and pour bleach in my eyes.

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