Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Radio Ga Ga

Ever since I quit listening to the Q, I've been all but oblivious to pop music. I just don't really like it. I'll enjoy an extremely catchy tune every now and then, but I really tune most of it out. The Recently Played list on my iPod makes me look like a 60 year old weirdo. That said, Lady GaGa has really gotten to me. I totally prejudged her, completely blew her off, and was all wrong.

Dear Lady GaGa,

Please accept my apologies for assuming you were just another over-processed blonde that sings loudly and wildly off key while producers scramble to Auto-Tune you into submission. I also apologize for assuming that you have a small rat-dog that lives in your purse and travels everywhere with you.

Additionally, I think your sense of style is interesting at best, but I realize it is probably like a reverse disguise. I'm sure you are able to roll out of bed and hit up Starbucks in your PJ's without being recognized or starting rumors that you have some sort of addiction. It's an interesting method, but I can understand why you would employ it. Why else would you meet the Queen with red latex on? I only hope you use natural make-up or else your blood glitter levels are likely approaching the upper limit of tolerable human consumption. I also want to thank you for your cool beats that helped me tolerate 30 minutes on the cardio machine from hell today. I got to eat a piece of cake because of that.

So, thanks again. Sorry for the early write-off. Keep the tunes coming, it really is Radio Ga Ga!  Also, where do you buy your clothes at????

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