Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Little Chick-lit Please

I have a long-term, possibly unhealthy relationship with the public library. I would consider it love-hate. Today it was both.

Since it's Spring Break, I wanted a fluffy little read. Although junk food is popular, especially in the rural South, junk reads are completely under-represented at the Guntersville Public Library. So, I preselected several options from the online catalog weeks ago. I knew what I wanted. They were all, of course, OUT. "Would you like to reserve one?" Um, no, do NOT call me on my cell phone to tell me the book I wanted is back in when the only thing I need to read is 12 chapters on calcium channel blockers. I just need a small fry and a Dr. Pepper for my brain! Now!

I considered indulging my craving elsewhere. Elsewhere meaning the Wal-Mart, since it's the closest thing to a bookstore in the county. Or....I could drive an hour to Huntsville! There's a Barnes and Noble!

No, I absolutely will not drive to Huntsville and BUY another book that I do not have anywhere to put. Look harder.

I did, and there in the large print section was a nice junky read with pink on the cover. Perfect! My fluffy little book is perched on my desk waiting to be devoured. It was even signed by the author. And it's all mine until 3/30/10, for free! I love the public library!

7 pages in I noticed a strange odor. Does this book smell like..Is that...cigarettes? Ughhh. I hate the public library.


  1. BAHAHAHHAA. I can just see your face when you sniff the book.

  2. me too!!!! you are SO funny. I have PLENTY of fluffy reads, because that's all I can seem to wrap my brain around! :) Borrow today. I'll send you home with some!