Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I really try not to do things that rot my watch reality TV. But, I have a soft spot for Dancing With the Stars. So, I figured I should watch the Bachelor finale to hear the DWTS cast announcement. Then there's side benefit of preventing me from staring blankly at the next person who asks me says "OMG can you believe Vienna?!" while I think "Um. No? What happened to Austria's capital? I want to go there!"

Really it was all in an effort to procrastinate. Big test this week! Don't want to study! To take my procrastination to the next level, I decided to Wiki the DWTS "stars" I didn't know, starting with Chad Ochocinco. 85...really? That can't be his name. (Born Chad Johnson). Wonder if he's number 85 ? (Yes).

Mr. Ochocinco changed his name in honor of Hispanic Heritage month in 2008. He plans to change his name to Chad Haichi Go for the 2010 season. Guess what Haichi Go means in Japanese??? Yep, 85. You must not have been watching reality TV either :)

No word yet on whether he will change his name to Acht Funf for Oktoberfest. I hope he does. What would you do if you were at Cracker Barrel and they called "Acht Funf--Party of 9--Acht Funf--your table is ready" I would get Mr. Acht Funf's autograph.


  1. You are hilarious. I'm glad you watched the finale, now you'll know Jake on DWTS.

  2. Looks like Chad Johnson is already practicing for Dancing With The Stars

  3. I know, right! I am so in the pop culture loop now! I bet he gets voted off super fast through!