Monday, March 1, 2010

Training Day

Dear Internet,

I am sorry I have neglected you. I will do better.

That said....I am in a post-olympic depression! What will I watch? I already miss the pure olympic-ness of the Vancouver games. When else does the (almost) entire world come together for sport? I miss the olympic sized victories of athletes I knew nothing of before the games! Lindsey Vonn! Evan Lysacek! Kim Yu-Na! It makes my heart swell with pride thinking about the raw emotion and years of work that culminated while I sat on my couch and watched (thanks NBC).

I was inspired one day, and figured if Lindsey Vonn could win a gold with that shin I could run a mile in under 9 minutes. I did, and I fell over shrieking like Vonn did too. Long distance (mile=long distance) ain't my thing, so I'm going to the next bobsled test runs to try out for Team USA's Night Train. I saw Cool Runnings mon, I know how to bobsled. And with my cat like reflexes I'm so in the running for driver.

I'll see you in Sochi in 2014. Full-time bobsled training starts after I eat my Wendy's.

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