Monday, June 28, 2010

Fish Eye

Please note the ~CrAzY EyEs~ in this picture.  It's what I like to call "Fish Eye".  I get a little excited when I catch a fish this size.  And I can say "when I catch a fish this size" because it happened 2 more times that night.  Not only was I excited about the fish, I was also glad we hadn't been struck by lightening yet.  I don't remember much about the conduction of electricity, but I'm pretty sure water, aluminum boats, and graphite fishing rods are all efficient electrical conductors.  Hence the ~CrAzY EyEs~  and the Cheshire cat grin.  There may have been some celebratory jumping up and down going on too. 

Yes, I just used squiggles and alternated CAPS and lowercase letters.  Yes, I feel like a fourth grader.  But, I also think it fully conveys they way I felt when this picture was taken.  So forgive me just this once...PLEASE!

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