Monday, August 9, 2010

This Little Piggy

This little piggy made front page news in the Advertiser-Gleam.  There aren't a lot of "news-worthy" events in Guntersville due to the rarity of murder, rape, and grand larceny. And the fact that the all the bass fishing tournaments are over for the summer.  And the fact that football hasn't started yet.

But this little piggy made front page news (Front and Center actually).  Apparently he is running loose in a nearby neighborhood, subsisting on apples, figs, and whatever he can forage from neighborhood gardens. To this point, he has evaded capture by locals, animal control officers, his owners, and ME.

Apparently he escaped while his family was moving into their new home.  No one has come forward to claim him.  My theory is that they fear being charged with possession of a farm animal in the city limits.  I'm pretty sure it's illegal to have a pig inside the "city." Not that I agree with that statute. 

Because if I can catch that little piggy, he is all mine.  I have wanted a pig since 2004 when I saw Uptown Girls and fell in love with Rae's pig Mu.

I don't want a regular farm pig.  No, I had to fall in love with the $5000 + micro-pigs, which this little piggy suspiciously resembles.

So if I can catch that little piggy, I will love him and squeeze him and take him home with me!  Wonder if I can use a food trail to lead him right to me?


  1. Amelia, I am LOVING your blog! I stumbled upon it from your facebook page. haha! Several of your stories just give me a good laugh! I think we have mentioned blogging before last time I saw you. I've started one of my own also! Hope to see you soon!! Football season is approaching!

  2. Thanks Calley! We have definitely discussed blogging and how the boys feel about it! I'm excited you started one. I can't wait to check it out! Hope to see you soon too...we definitely need to get together and watch some games!!!

  3. I LOVE micro-pigs!! Matt thinks they are ridiculous. If you catch that one we will have to start breeding our own so we don't have to pay 5,000 for them!!