Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fall Me

I am so over summer, which is convenient because Fall starts at 10 pm tonight! Unfortunately, that doesn't mean anything as far as the degrees are concerned. When I was little, I thought when Fall or Spring came it would magically be cool or warm (whatever the weather was "supposed" to be) that day.  I remember throwing on shorts to run outside and play and my mom making me put on pants and a jacket while I tried to convince her that it was Spring and it was warm outside! As it turns out, she was correct. (Go figure)

I am tired of hearing the AC run, tired of being supremely uncomfortable the moment I step outside, and tired of the uncontrollable hair.

I can't wait to wake up the day after that first cold front comes through. It always seems to be on a Friday, and you wake up with more energy than you have had in months.  The sunlight suddenly looks Fall-y, and the crisp air makes you want chili and football.

I can't wait. So dear Fall, please hurry it up.


  1. Despite the fact that it will be 90+ degrees on Saturday, my dad is making chili and we are watching the Bama game, just as Fall intended!