Thursday, September 9, 2010


Go ahead and label me a Hipster, but I am just so obsessed with fake Polaroids!  Polaroid quit producing its instant, iconic film, but it lives on digitally!  I downloaded Poladroid today (for free), which will convert your regular, plaino pics into Polaroid-esque wonders.  I'm not sure what you would do with them (post them on your blog, I guess) but I love it!

You drag and drop a picture into the camera, and it spits it out on your desktop to develop.  The only problem is you can't shake it like an analog Polaroid picture.

I guess I like Polaroids because of the nostalgia.  Sometimes I think life in the early 70s-90's really was seen in these washed out colors. Nothing captures shoulder pads, Robert Plant pants, or a perm like Polaroid film.

But if you ask me, life in the digital age still looks pretty sweet through Poladroid.

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