Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Adventure Town

I received an early birthday present Friday night from the lovely Dr. J. I've been wanting a kayak for a while now, but I've been to lazy/cheap to cruise Craig's List for a good deal. Luckily I have minions to do this kind of work for me  someone loves me a lot.

Saturday, we set out for a little float trip down Wills Creek. The flow of the creek was perfect...gentle, but fast enough to not have to paddle a lot. The number of fallen trees in the water requiring skilled paddling to avoid was not so perfect. Lets just say we lost 3 fishing rods, a little skin, and a lot of pride in our abilities.

Yours truly managed not to flip. I may have slipped off a muddy bank and into chest deep water though.

Anyways,  it was incredibly fun and I can't wait to use my kayak again. I'm glad to have friends and a future husband to do this kind of stuff with! Next time I will be applying copious amounts of bug spray prior to paddling away. My bug bites look like something out of Jumanji bit me.

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