Monday, April 19, 2010


This is the birthday card Dr. J gave me.  He chose it because it reminded him of my dog Sadie, better known as Porkysnort (Porky for short).  We call her Porky because her entire day revolves around food.  She digs up moles by day, then comes inside to walk around the kitchen and snort out any crumbs on the floor.  She has tipped over my trash can to eat the crust from a strawberry Fiber One poptart.  I have seen her devour bell peppers and bananas. Sadie will also to come running to the name "Fattie McButterpants"...especially if she hears a crinkle that vaguely sounds like the Beggin' Strips bag opening.

Here's Porky in Mole Hunting Mode:
 Do you see the resemblance between Birthday Dog and Porky????  If Porky ever got the chance, she would tear into birthday cake too.

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