Friday, April 16, 2010

Terms of Engagement

Sometimes, there are just basic life rules everyone should know to follow.  Like instinctively KNOW.  I could write up a whole list, but I'll spare you. 

But if you choose to protest/picket/lobby/convene/riot/march (regardless of the issue), proofread your signage before said protest/picket/lobbying session/convention/riot/march occurs.  And definitely proofread your signage before the media shows up.  As a generalization, grammatical and spelling errors weaken your stance and make you look dumb.  Especially when your political gathering makes national news.

Jacked from Wikipedia.  This is a GOOD example of a protest sign.
 It is not vulgar, and contains no errors.  It is also within
the confines of free speech because it does not threaten
anyone.  This protester did not get arrested.

You got it.  I judge you when you use poor grammar, even though I am a repeat offender myself.  If you read TIH, you know my grammar is lax. I throw commas in randomly.  Who knows what justifies one anyway?

But spelling and homophones (Ex: There, their, they're)! Watch out!  You see, you (the offender) die a little inside every time you use the wrong homophone.  You also cause my blood pressure to go up, which causes me to die a little inside too.  There is spell check, and there's another thing called a dictionary.  A dictionary is very portable, making it useful to create signs on the floor of your van once you arrive at said protest.

What brought this rant on you ask?  Apparently, common perception is that the Tea Party is an uneducated bunch. However, a study conducted by NPR (seriously) showed many are highly educated.  Here is my guess as to how that incorrect perception began:

For more evidence as to how a lack of regard for the English language weakens your political stance and makes you look dumb, please see Copyediting Tea Party Protest Signs from The Christian Science Monitor.  So the next time you choose to publicize your opinions via written media, remember spell-check and the dictionary are your friends!

P.S. I have absolutely nothing against the Tea Party.  I do have something against people who make conservatives and Southerners look dumb.  We aren't.

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